Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prestige Hack MW3

VAC3: Undetected
Program version: 1.00
Game version: 1.2.358
Program needs a Net.Framework v 4.0
How to use:
1) Launch the game.
2) Launch this program.
3) Put your lvl  and prestige.
4) Close this program.
5) Play some rounds (it'll save your stats).


11.14.11 [OUTDATED]
Version 1.1
What's new?
1) Fixed some bugs
2) Some changes in design
3) Added Prestige Tokens Hack

Version 1.2 [OUTDATED]
What's new:
1) Added weapons unlocker(if you find any mistakes pm me)
How to use this:
1) press Weapons in program main window
2) Put checks in check box
3) Press Home to get in the main window
6) Play one round with weapon, witch you need

New version 1.3 [OUTDATED]
-Updated for version 1.3.361
-Fixed error with XM-25 (thx w00tare for this)

Version 1.4 [OUTDATED]
What's new:
-Updated for 1.4.364
-Fixed bugs with weapons
-Added simple antidebugger

Version 1.5 [OUTDATED]
What's new:
-Added perks unlocker
-New design
-Removed button Hack(now press on the logo in the center of the program)
-Added 15 classes unlocker

Version 1.6 [OUTDATED]
-Fixed weapons hack.
-Fixed bug with prestige.
-Added 11 prestige.

Version 1.7 [OUTDATED]
-Updated for game version 1.4.368
UC-Downloads - Multiplayer Game Hacking and Cheat Downloads - [MW3] Rank and Prestige hack v 1.7

Version 1.8 [OUTDATED]
-Fixed for version 1.4.382.

Version 2.0 [NEW]
-Added stats editor.
-Removed codewall protect.

Version 2.1
-Fixed for 1.5.388